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Porter's is closed for business

Porter's WebStore is closed for business. Since 1917 Porter's Camera stores have been serving photographers across the country including fine folks just like you. We've come to a crossroads where the evolution of how consumers find their consumables doesn't neccessarily match our tried and true business model. For decades our customers fondly flipped through the folds of our oversized mail order catalog finding for the first time photographic novelties, new Nikons and capable Canons.

Not only did the digital age change many of the rules on how we shoot, but it also changed the way we buy our equipment. We are very proud of all the content we've built here, on our Blog, and on our YouTube Channel. Thank you to all who participated in our lively discussions on photographic gear and technique.

Please support your local camera shops and remember all those who pioneered the path you are on in your photographic adventure.

Porter's Crew

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