Porter's Camera Turns a Page . . .

Porter's WebStore is now closed for business.

Since 1917 Porter's Camera stores have been serving photographers across the country including fine folks just like you. It has been my personal pleasure to help write this last chapter with you. We've come to a crossroads where the evolution of how consumers find their consumables doesn't neccessarily match our tried and true business model. For decades our customers fondly flipped through the folds of our oversized mail order catalog finding for the first time photographic novelties, new Nikons and capable Canons.

Together we saw the rise and fall of industry giants like Kodak and Polaroid, and the birth of the digital age that took them from the cutting edge to yesterday's news. We watched all of this with a passion hard to express in words.

Not only did the digital age change many of the rules on how we shoot, but it also changed the way we buy our equipment. The days of asking the local expert at your neighborhood shop have been replaced by the polling of peers in internet forums. We are very proud of all the content we've built here, on our Blog, and on our YouTube Channel, over the years. Thank you to all who participated in our lively discussions on photographic gear and technique. Unfortunately, a few clicks away from our attempt to win your trust and support with our knowledge and service, big corporate machines were at work to lure you away. These BigBox Behemoths are slowly chipping away at retailer integrity and the idea of fair play. It's unfortunate that in the end it could be the consumer that loses the most.

Who will we call on when the local neighborhood experts are no more? I suppose they will continue sharing their insight by writing blogs and critiquing via webcasts; it could happen. But I fear that likely won't put food on their table and they'll be forced to find a more profitable use of their time elsewhere. Please support your local camera shops and remember all those who pioneered the path you are on in your photographic adventure. Show them your appreciation with a kind word and a purchase when you can. No matter how small it is, it all makes a difference.

Please feel free to puruse our educational content!

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