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Best of Porter’s Camera’s Final Liquidation Four Day Sale!


Porter’s Liquidation BOGO Sale!

So, this is it. In the words of Mr Jim Morrison, “This is the end . . .”! Ha! Now try to get that song out of your head, gotcha. Porter’s webstore is slated to end sales order processing by the end of the month. With that, we’re having one last hurrah! The Liquidation Sale pricing either continues or has been lowered EVEN FURTHER on remaining inventory.

As a further incentive to move inventory, we’ve decided to offer Buy 1, Get 1 FREE deals on over 60 of the remaing items. And on top of that, we’re offering Free Shipping on orders over $50, or $5 shipping on orders under $50. Now is definitely the time to stock up on supplies.

In order to help you skim through the remaining inventory, we’ve put everything into one category on the webstore. Think of it as a 1 stop shop. A chance to see quickly everything that is left while it lasts. Since our inventory will be quickly diminishing, trying to search for stuff or use the main category tabs will only slow you down and may be a little clunky.

Click This Clearance Items Link and you’ll go straight to the stock still on hand. What I do is change the “show” option on the right side to “all” and browse. It’s like walking down aisles of the supermarket, and you’re sure not to miss anything you could use. It’s organized from cheapest to pretty darn cheap, and don’t forget about all those “buy 1, get 1 deals”! If you have a super slow internet connection you may not want to do the “show all” trick, but remember there are about 13 pages of 25 items each to browse!

Here are some of the more notable and useful items from the remaining inventory:

Click the pictures to go to the product pages in the descriptions below.

SystemPRO LS-2 Deluxe Light Stands. These light stands go up to 9 foot and have springs in between the sections so your heads or flashes won’t come slamming down if you release the clutch or tightener knob thingy too quickly. They’re pretty solid, I’m getting a couple more and they are marked down to just $14.99. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE . . . they’re on the BOGO list!! Put two in the cart, you only pay for one! BIG SCORE!

LS-2 Light Stand.

L450 Bag.  This is actually a pretty slick design. It’s a camera bag, in the design of a journalists bag, yadayadayada, BUT there is a zipper that runs through the middle of it. When unzipped, it doubles in size! When it’s expanded you can fit 2 of the inner cushioned dividers in one bag. So, if you buy 2 you can have one double wide killer camera bag, and one general purpose bag (with no dividers). Just sayin’! It’s pretty versatile, only $22!

L450 Camera Bag

Et Cetra Boxes and Film Stor Boxes, use these to keep batteries and other small bits like memory cards and cleaning supplies together. All my film for my beloved classics is organized in the fridge by color so I can just grab and go. 120 B&W in white, 35mm Portra in yellow, Velvia in green. I also use these to organize nuts, bolts, screws, nails, washers and the like in my garage. I’ll tape one of the screws to the lid on the outside so I know what is in it ;) Also, I’ve found uses for these in my tackle box. Film-Stor boxes have a better latch and it’s harder for water to get in them (i take these in my kayak and canoe). These are Buy One, Get One (BOGO) now too! Priced well under a buck.

et cetra boxesFilm-Stor boxes

Fuji-HQ VHS Video Tape T-160. I know what you’re thinking, who the hell still uses a VCR? Answer . . . my parents, and it’s getting hard for them to get out and find these things. So I’ll be the hero for father’s day and present dad with 20 of them. Since they’re just 79¢ and on the BOGO list, it’ll only run me $7.90!!! Pops can record weeks of John Wayne for less loot than my lunch.

VHS tapes

How to Shoot Great Video with Your (insert manufacturer here_______) Video. I know a TON of people who could benefit from these Blue Crane training videos. People are completely ignoring how awesome the video capture capability is of their DSLRs. Or worse they use the video, force you to watch their 4 year old’s backyard birthday party until you feel like you’re going to vomit. Learn how to be steady, pan slowly, etc.  These videos walk you step by step through the process of making great movies with your camera. Movies people will WANT to watch! Available for Canon and Nikon! $11.

Shoot Great Video DVD

JuiceMeter Battery Tester or Battery Storage Case with Built-In Tester. I absolutely hate loading batteries into my flash only to have it die after three shots because I grabbed the wrong ones. Use the Juice meter to test a variety of different battery types, or if you only use AA’s, grab the case & tester and always know if they’re fresh and full. These are on the BOGO list, so get one for each gear bag or battery set you have. JuiceMeter 2 for a $1.19, case and tester 2 for $2.50!

JuiceMeter Battery TesterBattery Storage Case and Tester

Postcarders. Take your 4X6 photo, invitation, announcement, whatever and stick this stiff backing to it. Boom, instant postcard, but with YOUR ART! The backing has the proper layout of a postcard imprinted on it. Write words, stick in the mail, make a funny face at (insert overpriced greeting card or drug store name here____________), suckas! They come in packs of 25 but are on the BOGO list, so you get 50 for just $7.79! Last postcard I bought was $5 and the picture was stupid! Never again.

Postcard backs for 4X6s

50 Pack of CD-Rs. Blank CD’s, you put data on them. They’re still useful. You know, for backup and to get your pictures in the hands of your clients or your friends and family! You know you wanna give your pictures to your friends and family! So buy them, they’re cheap! Do it for the children. Just $10 for 50! We must be crazy!

50 CD-Rs on a spindle

Canon 5D MkIII training video by Blue Crane. The markIII is an amazing piece of technology, and also a little intimidating to some. Learn how to fly through the menus like a zen master ninja jet pilot or competition level hot dog speed eater with this training video. You’ll learn stuff. Stuff that’s good to know. About the camera that is. And how to use it. Okay I’ll stop now. Just $11.

5DmkIII Training Video

IR Flash Triggers and Radio Flash Triggers. Fire remote flashes with these triggers. The IR one will trip an optical slave sensor on a remote flash or strobe. The radio set has a transmitter and receiver that attaches to your remote flash. Do some strobist stuff on the super cheap. Like pocket wizards for starvin’ artists! $34.99 and $49.89 respectively.

IR optical slave flash/strobe triggerRadio Flash Trigger/Receiver Set

30 Foot TTL Flash Cords. Need to maintain TTL our automatic functionality with your remote flash, but don’t trust the line-of-sight issues of the wireless integrated modes and can’t afford radio poppers or pocket wizards? Go OLD SKOOL. Cords are dependable, but normally not long enough for extreme work. I remember daisy chaining three together once to pull off a shot. Then I got one of these super long TTL cords. I actually got a shot where I ran this thing out an apartment door, around the corner so I could set a flash outside a window to provide “sunlight” coming through!!! Won’t leave home without it. Available in Canon and Nikon. Half Off, now under $50. That’s less than a standard length TTL cord.

30 foot TTL Cord for Nikon or Canon

Multi-Function Cable Release. More than just a shutter release. You can control time with this thing. Set delays, specific times, and it has an intervalometer to do that time-lapse stuff. Works on almost all Nikon Cameras. 1/2 off at $49.98.

Multi-Function Shutter Release for Nikon Cameras

86mm Circular Polarizer. Big glass usually means big bucks for filters. Not the case here! 86mm Digital Circular Polarizer (fancy multi-coatings and all) 1/2 off!  Was $205, now just $102.49! I think there is an 86 Digital UV left also!

86mm Digital Circular Polarizer


Check out the rest of the gear in here:

Porter’s Webstore Liquidation Sale

All right guys, Hope this helps! Likely this will be my last post so I wanted to take the time to personally thank all of you who have paid attention to my blathering over the years! What a fun and wild ride this has been! Maybe one day we’ll meet again chasing that perfect sunset, it is a pretty small world! Till that day, HAPPY SHOOTING!

And remember, (I can’t stress this enough) whenever possible, PLEASE BUY LOCAL! Your neighbor’s livelihood just may depend on it!


Paul (formerly) from Porter’s

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One thought on “Best of Porter’s Camera’s Final Liquidation Four Day Sale!

  1. I just went online to order a couple of items from Porter’s, and found out that you all have CLOSED! If I were younger, I would say that that is definitely a bummer! I have been in photography since I was about 13 years old, and I’m 74 now. I was in education, too, as teacher, principal, administrator, and college instructor; I also had a part-time studio for at least 30 years, specializing in weddings and youth sports leagues. I ordered a lot of merchandise from Porter’s over the years, and I have no idea where I will get darkroom supplies and other items that I need. Just the other day, I found a booklet from Porter’s recounting “Photo Adventures” and I read through it again. It was dated 1979, I think. I am very sorry to see Porter’s closed; it’s the end of an era, to use a cliche.

    Jim Sanders, Richburg SC

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