Take a chance and have some fun - with the famous Porter's Photo Surprise Pack! You never know what you're gonna get, so spin the wheel and take a chance.


We create Surprise Packs to get rid of the stuff we can’t sell in our catalog - FAST!!!

It's amazing the amount of stuff that accumulates in our warehouse: outdated film & paper; odds and ends from buyouts; discontinued merchandise; special order items that were never sold; open box merchandise; shopworn boxes; manufacturer's samples; returned products; items we have used to test for catalog inclusion; store demo models; flawed items and so on.

We end up with tens of thousands of dollars worth of this type of merchandise each year. We dispose of it all quickly for pennies on the dollar in Surprise Packs. There is one stipulation - do not ask what is in’em, because no one ever knows. Every one is different. Surprise Packs are available by catalog and web sales only.

We have some customers that like their Surprise Packs so well that they buy them over and over again - the record so far is just over 20 purchases by one photographer. It's all for fun and of course there is the real chance that you may wind up with something you never knew that you needed. On the other hand once in awhile someone is unhappy. So remember you’re buying a “pig in a poke” and if you aren’t willing to accept the odd stuff we send you PLEASE DON’T ORDER ONE!

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